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How Much Does a Typical Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Written by
Rob Reich
Published on
April 6, 2024

Did you know that remodeling your bathroom can give you a 70.6% return on investment? If you want to sell your house, create a relaxing space, or increase house value, making bathroom upgrades is a good option.

While there are many benefits to remodeling a bathroom, it can be expensive. Before you start remodeling, you should determine a budget so that you don't overspend.

You can spend anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars on your bathroom. How much does a bathroom remodel cost? Keep reading to learn more about the factors that will determine the cost of remodeling a bathroom.


When budgeting for a bathroom remodeling project, make sure you consider the cost of cabinets. If your cabinets are in good shape, you can save money by refinishing or painting them.

If your cabinets aren't in good shape or you don't like the style, it may be best to invest in new ones. The cost of your cabinets will depend on if they are pre-fab or custom-made.

The style, materials, countertops, dimensions, and installation will also affect the price.


Another big expense that you may have when renovating your bathroom is the cost of new flooring. If you have hardwood or tile flooring in your bathroom, you may be able to refinish your floors so they match your style.

If your flooring is old, outdated, or in bad shape, you should consider investing in new flooring. The best flooring for bathrooms includes tile, vinyl, stone, and engineered wood.

You should avoid installing carpet and solid hardwood. The cost of new flooring will depend on the type you choose, how large your bathroom is, and the cost of installation. If you want to save money, consider installing vinyl flooring.


Upgrading your bathtub can give you a relaxing place to unwind, improve your bathroom's appearance, and increase home value. If you want to update your bathtub or shower, it could be a large expense.

On average, it can cost anywhere from $800 to $4,600 to install a new bathtub. The total cost will depend on the style, material, size, and features.

For example, you should expect to pay more for a bathtub that has jets in comparison to one that doesn't. If you have a small bathroom, you may want to consider installing a shower instead.

You can choose to buy a pre-made shower or buy a showerhead and tile the walls instead.


Do you want to install new sinks in your bathroom? If so, that is an extra cost you will need to include in your bathroom remodel budget. Installing a new sink is a good idea if there is mold growth, damage, or it's outdated.

If your sink is still in good shape, this is an extra expense that you could avoid. To choose a sink, consider style, storage, and fixtures. You also may want to pay for a plumber to install your new sink.


Believe it or not, the lighting in your bathroom can have a huge impact on its appearance. You can update the lighting in your bathroom without spending a fortune, so it's a good upgrade to make on a tight budget.

If the lighting in your bathroom is dark and yellow, consider installing LED lightbulbs. LED lightbulbs may cost more than regular lightbulbs, but they save energy, have a longer lifespan, and come in different colors.

You can also upgrade your light fixtures to match your style. Some common styles include vanity, pendant, and ceiling lighting.


Do you want to renovate your bathroom yourself, or would you rather pay for help? Hiring contractors to help renovate your bathroom will ensure a high-quality job and come with a warranty. They also can complete the task faster.

On average, bathroom remodelers make $68,000 per year, which translates to around $33 per hour. While that is the average, the actual cost will depend on where you live, their experience level, and the project.

Plumbing Issues

When making your bathroom renovation budget leave some extra money for unexpected costs. During the renovation process, you may notice that your plumbing needs work.

Some common signs of plumbing issues include bad water pressure, slow drainage, discoloration, or an expensive water bill. Repairing your plumbing can make your water safer to drink, reduce your water bill, and save energy.

Depending on your plumbing issues, it can cost thousands of dollars to fix. You also may need to pay for water damage repair and mold removal.


Did you know that you might need permits to renovate your bathroom? Whether you need permits or not will depend on the size of your renovation and where you live.

If you are changing the plumbing or electrical in your bathroom, you may need a permit. For minor changes, it shouldn't be a concern, but check before renovating.

To find out how much a permit will cost, contact your town's building department.

Trash Disposal

If you are doing a complete overhaul of your bathroom, you may need to pay for trash disposal. Hiring trash disposal services will be a good option if you install new flooring, get a bathtub, or remove tiles.

The cost of trash disposal services will depend on where you live and how much trash you have.

Are You Ready to Determine Your Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Remodeling your bathroom could be worth it if you want to sell your house or increase your house's value. When you are ready to determine your bathroom remodel cost, keep these factors in mind.

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