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A Guide to Trendy Bathroom Remodel Inspiration for 2023

Written by
Rob Reich
Published on
April 6, 2024

Do you hate what your bathroom looks like? Whether we like it or not, we each spend a significant part of our lives in our bathroom. According to research, the average person will spend 416 days of their life in the bathroom.

So, it's important that we feel comfortable there. To help we compiled a list of bathroom remodel inspirations to elevate your bathroom experience. Continue reading to learn which option is best for you and your guests.

Add Antique Accents

Having vintage pieces in homes is growing in popularity, more specifically bathrooms. Since most antique items are scarce, it adds a unique element to a home, unlike currently manufactured decor.

Using both old and new pieces adds an interesting dynamic to a bathroom. It allows those vintage items to become statement pieces.

Some common and simple vintage items added to the bathroom are artwork, chairs, and mirrors. These items are fairly inexpensive, and there is no wait time for installation.

Additionally, many are adding vintage-inspired items to their bathroom. For example, deep bathtubs emulate clawfoot tubs. Although, the new models are sleek and add elegance to the room.

Create Division

Creating division in a bathroom remodel can ease bathroom tension. Division creates the allusion to "his and her" areas. So, there is no arguing about who the area belongs to, and ensures each area of the bathroom has a purpose.

One way homeowners are creating division in their bathrooms by adding double sinks. The sinks may be put side to side or on opposite sides of the bathroom. Either way, each person will get their own storage spaces and vanities.

Another way to create division is by separating the toilet from the rest of the bathroom. Adding a water closet allows for more privacy while using the bathroom. There is also the option of having a his and hers water closet.

Build Layers

Adding layers when remodeling a bathroom allows the homeowner's personality to shine through. Which consequently allows the room to feel cozier. To outsiders, a well-thought-out bathroom makes the home seem well-loved.

Simple accent layers include adding a rug or artwork. These items bring color to the room and set the aesthetic tone. For example, some aesthetics may be boho, chic, minimalist, or rustic.

Other options include putting wallpaper, tile, or wainscoting on the walls. Each option can add a different texture to the bathroom. Different textures allow the best features of your bathroom to stand out.

Additionally, they can work as accents or divide the room into different areas. This is a great option for those with a bigger space or sectional dividers inside the bathroom.

Invest in Stone

Homeowners need to consider investing in stone countertops during their home upgrades. Although homeowners tend to be apprehensive about installing stone countertops due to the idea that they are expensive. In reality, they are a great investment.

On average laminate countertops only last twenty years, and over time they can turn yellow. Wood countertops can last up to ten years. Unfortunately, both of these countertops are easily damaged and stained.

On the other hand, various natural stone countertops can last a lifetime or over a hundred years due to their durability. Some great options for the natural stone countertop are granite, marble, and limestone.

Not only are natural stone countertops durable, but they are also beautiful. Each countertop slab has a unique design due to the variation in minerals.

Update Technology

An option to enhance the experience inside the bathroom is updating the technology. There is so much technology out there to aid in the comfort of homeowners and guests.

One technology device to consider is adding a bidet. There is a growing popularity in the United States, and they are a great way to save money. Bidet users save fifty dollars each year per person.

Add a voice-controlled shower temperature adjuster. This ensures each person in the house takes a shower at their desired temperature.

Other options include adding vanity lighting, heated toilets, and more. Most of these options are easy to install and assessable to all.

Rely on Classics

Relying on classic designs and decor is a nice option for those who don't like updates. Classic design and decor provide sleek, timeless, luxurious designs. So homeowners will not have to re-update the bathroom for a long time.

Chrome metal is a common accent color in a classic bathroom. Handles, sinks, hooks, and lighting fixtures are often chrome metals in the bathroom. Additionally, it is cost-effective and rust-resistant.

Chrome metals tie into the neutral colors that a classic bathroom utilizes. Neutral colors provide a feeling of comfort and cleanliness. They also provide a dazzling shine.

Neutral colors and chrome metal pair nicely with natural stone countertops which are in classic bathroom remodeling. Neutral stone countertops are typically variants of beige and greys.

Play with Shapes

A great way to add dimension to a bathroom remodel is to include different shapes. This is a fun way to elevate a small space or a larger area.

Elevating your space can be simple and does not have to be expensive. Homeowners can add shape by doing things such as adding a round shape mirror or differently shaped art.

Other ways which require professionals include selecting unique tiles as a backsplash. Different countertops and cabinet shapes are also options. Additionally, homeowners should also consider manipulating the walls or doorways.

For example, rounding designs create a different atmosphere inside the bathroom. It can also add to the division of bathroom amenities.

Find More Bathroom Remodel Inspiration

There are many ways to update a bathroom, and they vary from simple and inexpensive to complex and expensive. We hope you found your bathroom remodel inspiration in our suggestions.

If you want to learn more about home remodeling, contact us. We would love to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

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